Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thoughts for the first week of the new year...

Well, here are the thoughts for week one...

Good things:

I tracked all week!  Everything went into MyFitnessPal so that I was feeling accountable for what I was eating, even when I didn't want to be.  Most of the time (80%) I was making good choices.

I finished my research and decided to commit - I'm buying a Garmin Forerunner 15 (in small/purple, if you want the full details...).  It has an activity tracker that will remind me to move (200 steps every hour) and has all of the features I want for a running watch. Only downside is that it doesn't connect thru Bluetooth or a similar way to my phone, so I have to sync via computer then to the app on my phone. But I should be able to sync with MyFitnessPal, which is cool.  It is supposed to have a sleep tracker too, but seeing as how we aren't really sleeping right now, thanks to the little one, that probably won't be very useful right away. 

Not so good Need to improve things:

I didn't get much exercise. Partly because of my schedule, partly because of the cold, and partly because I was under the weather a bit the end of the week.  I did get some movement in, but no runs. 

Unfortunately, the FR15 is back-ordered. Apparently everyone else wants one, too....

Weight change: - 1 lb. 

Notice that the weight change gets it's own category.  That's because I'm hoping it's a consequence of the changes I'm making to feel better, not the only outcome that I want to measure. Let's keep it real here, shall we?  What I really want is to have more energy and have my clothes fit better. The number on the scale is a bonus. 

This week's goals:

One run, inside or out. More is bonus. 

Track everything.

Order FR15 so that it eventually gets here. 

Listen to #Moderation365 webcast, hopefully on Monday, but if not, on Tuesday.

Get my hair cut and feel pretty.

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